Politics and multiculturalism

Multiculturalism/ immigration and politics have a close contact. The policy is very interested in this topic. Even Tony Blair (is a former British Labour Party) has ideas about which one you can use generally assume for the arguments of politicians. First I want to repeat Blair’s statement.


So Blair:  "The 7/7 bombers were integrated at one level in terms of lifestyle and work. Others in many communities live lives very much separate and set in their own community and own culture, but are no threat to anyone. But this is, in truth, not what I mean when I talk of integration. Integration, in this context, is not about culture or lifestyle. It is about values. It is about integrating at the point of shared, common unifying British values. It isn’t about what defines us as people, but as citizens, the rights and duties that go with being a member of our society.


Christans, Jews, Muslims, Hindus, Sikhs and other faiths have a perfect right to their own identity and religion, to practice their faith and to conform to their culture. This is what multicultural, multi-faith Britain is about. That is what is legitimately distinctive.”


Blair points out that this is not a purely British debate. These cases are discussed in other countries, for example in Germany, Italy or in France. But about France, you should know that they reject the differences.


Even outwardly the picture of immigrants differs in England and France. In England they try to integrate the clothing of minorities like the turbans from sijhsm, the shawls of muslim women’s and even the hairstyle of rastafaris into the formal appearance. The same applies for territorial and uniform carriers like policemen, bus driver or firemen. Shawls are not a problem, it’s a cultural right. Whole neighborhoods are characterized by immigrants. There are Islamic private schools as well like Catholic, Anglican or Jewish, differences are regarded as legitimate and Great Britain officially defines itself as a “multicultural society”. 


My own short opinion to this topic:  If you as a immigrant respect the state and go with the wave, so you must not have provides for your and for your family’s life.




                Tony Blair